Boykivska | Lviv | 2016

  • Designer | Andriy Nechayev
  • Area | 120 м2

This interior was designed for a young couple with a simple but clear task – to create a clean minimalism, with no extra details and with a restrained monochrome color scheme. Therefore, in the project we used forms and materials without complicated textures and reliefs. One of the advantages was the desire of customers to fill the apartment with a variety of electronic gadgets and a smart home system. By planning, it was immediately clear to us that the kitchen and living room are united in one space, and the furniture divides the area by appointment. We used monochrome textures and matte materials to create this interior. Therefore, one of the important decisions was the use of floor covering from microcement, which became the background for all other volumes and materials. The furniture was decorated with facades of matte glass, in combination with small elements of glossy glass, to better emphasize the contrast between these two materials. Also, we have set ourselves the task of using as few different materials as possible, so kitchen furniture, living room and even dining table performance in identical materials. The bathroom was also designed as a pure minimalist space, the emphasis was on the naturalness of the white marble texture. Only in the bedroom and children room we allow ourselves to use the color, but in the bedroom it is a natural color of the tree, in the nursery – an aspen glued painted in green. The restrained color range draws our attention to the depth of the texture of the tree, marble and other elements. Therefore, the presence of natural materials makes the interior cozy and interesting to stay.