Lypynskogo | Lviv | 2016

  • Designer | Andriy Nechayev
  • Area | 62 м2

Temperate, black and white with notes of conservatism, the interior reflects the character and self-sufficiency of the apartment owner. The use of natural materials and matte textures, underlies the design of the project. Despite the fact that a lot of black color is used, the room is easily perceived and not overloaded. The whole apartment on the floor is covered with parquet with fir, with a silky, lighted texture of oak. A vivid element is a partition of glass blocks, which carries not only a decorative function. Thanks to her in the entrance comes more daylight, it takes the effect not long corridor. All of the furniture is made of black matte MDF, which gives pleasant visual and tactile sensations. And the use of glossy glass even better emphasizes the beauty of the matte material. A lot of attention is given to small details of the interior: switches, lighting bedding, marble elements. It is around the marble in the bedroom, the harmonious combination of natural materials, such as: glass, marble, wood, copper, is concentrated. All this ensemble gives you the feeling of refinement and elegance of the interior.